SMM & Marketing


Global & Local Events Organization

Colibri Group organizes turnkey global and local events, including conferences, AMAs, contests, quizzes, etc. We host online events on all popular platforms.
Colibri Group is the organizer of the largest online cryptocurrency summit Synopsis 2021.
The first part of Synopsis featured more than 40 speakers and attracted over 100,000 viewers on YouTube and More than 600 media outlets wrote about the summit, including Bloomberg, Forbes, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance.

Management of Local Communities

Colibri Group provides comprehensive community management and community building services from the ground up.
Comprehensive local community management
Promotion and branding at the local level
Organization of public meetings and conducting AMAs
Conducting contests, quizzes, surveys, and other online events
Detailed progress reports with recommendations, comments, and feedback from the community
Ready-made solutions for quality community development and project promotion!
Supported countries: Russia, the CIS countries, Germany, Spain, the USA and all English-speaking countries, Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

Strategic & Management Consulting

Colibri Group has been advising blockchain projects, cryptocurrency exchanges, and trading communities since 2018. Our experts are ready to be your consultants in the following:
Marketing and promotion
Global and local brand positioning
Interaction with communities
Product-related issues

Integration & Partner Engagement

Colibri Group is a member of various lobbying groups, the Commission on Blockchain and Digital Economy, and the all-Russian public organization Investment Russia. It cooperates with various international legal partners and regularly holds public online summits involving industry experts and government representatives.
Take advantage of ample opportunities for maximum expansion in the markets of Russia, South Korea, China, and the USA.

Auditing and In-depth Services for Blockchain Projects

Colibri Group employs high-level professionals with established connections and knowledge of all aspects of procedures and business processes. We are ready to accompany you at all stages of the following services:
Blockchain project auditing
Listing services
Credit rating assessment
Preparation of related documentation
Colibri Group is all blockchain consulting services in one place.

Auditing & Optimization of Community Management Systems

Colibri Group provides comprehensive community management services to dozens of international cryptocurrency companies and blockchain projects. We are setting new quality standards by offering the best user experience and maximum user immersion in the product.
Auditing of community management systems
Development and optimization of quality standards for community management
Automation of a number of community management processes
Bot development and customization
Organization of local and international events
Work with partners and media partners
Involvement of influencers and media partners
Turnkey community management

NFT Creation & Promotion

Colibri Group helps artists, designers, celebrities create and promote NFTs on popular marketplaces. You can focus on your creativity, and we take care of all the technical and marketing issues.
Colibri Group has successfully sold two NFT Drops on the Theta Drops platform. Both NFT Drops sold out in less than 2 minutes. The total cost of sales was $120,000.

Interaction with the Media & Influencers

Colibri Group is a developer of popular products for the global cryptocurrency community with over 500,000 visits per month. Some services have been in stable operation for more than 3 years, are the best in the field, and have earned recognition from the global community. Our experts communicate with opinion leaders, mainstream media, popular bloggers, owners of well-known crypto companies, and blockchain industry stars daily.
Proven interaction & communication models:
Our own world-renowned resources with a large community
A global database of media partners, bloggers, and influencers
Strategic partnerships with analytics leaders such as Xangle, IntoTheBlock, etc.
Development of custom marketing campaigns with industry-leading media outlets
Effective promotion models
An extensive database of news resources for press release distribution, including Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Asahi, etc.

Content Creation & Promotion

Colibri Group will be happy to invite you to various shows, conferences, forums, video interviews, podcasts, and other events. Get quality content and promotion from professionals.
We set the stage for project news, organize the whole process, and put everything together into great content.

News & Events Distribution for Blockchain Projects

Colibri Group provides event and press release distribution services on financial, business, and trading media.
An extensive database of press release distribution resources in English, including Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Asahi, etc.
Press release distribution in China, including the top media outlets, such as, Sohu, Sina, Toutiao, China Daily, Phoenix, and NetEase
Press release distribution in Russian media, including bloggers, influencers, and themed Telegram channels in Russia and the CIS
Press release distribution in leading blockchain and crypto media outlets worldwide
Assistance in press release preparation and distribution organization

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